学生A: As every body knows, mobiles are playing a important part in our daily life nowadays.

First, mobiles make it convinent for people to keep in touch with each other whevere they are.Especially when they have something important.It reduces the cost for people dont have to travel a long way to get to know the things in person

Second,we can send messages by mobiles with little money,just 0.01 yuan for each short message.

Third, we can also play games or take photoes or listen to music on the mobiles,late we do many things on them with the development of technology.

学生B:I don"t really agree with you.Mobile phones also have many disadvatages.The radioactivites may do harm to our health.Sometimes the rings may affect others in public or at meetings.Also, it is not good for students if they bring their phone to school because the student won"t pay attention to what the teachers are trying to say. Theres"s still many problems left.


The scientific evidence does not show any danger to mobile

phone users, whether you’re an adult or child. The government does, however, recommend limiting the use of mobile phones by children as a precautionary measure.

1 Use mobile phones for essential purposes only

2 Keep all calls shorts

Advising you of the facts

Mobile phones are transforming our lives. More than 55 million people in the UK own a mobile phone and make and receive millions of calls and text messages every day at home and at work, or when they’re just out and about.

They have other social advantages. For example, Asthma sufferers using a specially adapted O2 mobile phone were better able to monitor their condition, report results back to their GP and take their treatment on time. ‘Teach UR Mum 2 Txt’, a joint initiative between O2 and registered charity Milly’s Fund, was set up to make parents more text savvy and aid better communication with their children.

Additionally, the Met Office uses mobile telephony for flood and severe weather warnings and the Crown Prosecution Service texts trial witnesses with updates on the progreof cases to help prevent cases collapsing.