Home is a warm harbor for every family member. Home always gives us comfort and warmth no matter when we come back. Hence, in return, as sons or daughters we should come back home often to look after our parents.

  As sons or daughters, we should bear in mind that without our parents, we are nothing. Therefore, we need to keep grateful all the time no matter where we are. In addition, come back home when we are in leisure and accompany our parents as possible as we can. If not, we should usually keep contact with our parents at least.

  Besides, when we are busy in providing a better life for our parents, we should bear in mind that another important matter we have to do is to give enough respect, understanding, tolerance and patience to our parents. As our parents grow older, they will suffer more difficult in life and be slower in movement, and then we should be patient to get along with them and try our best to consider their situation.

  Finally, if we can not come back home, we need to make our parents at ease as much as possible. As we grow up, we need to learn to solve problems by ourselves instead of ask help for our parents at once because they will worry about us.

  In a word, come back home often.


  Nowadays, many young people who work in big cities rarely return home to see their old parents, who, however, expect their children to be back to have dinners with them, or just make a phone call every day, especially during festivals. As a result, their expects often become disappointments.

  In my opinion, the old don’t ask for much. They simply hope their children can come back, talk with them and have a meal together. But the young fail to do so. They think the old are satisfied as long as they have enough to eat and drink. In fact, they can easily get lonely and they often miss their children. So the young should spend more time with their parents and also it’s time that our society took some measures to solve this problem and call on everyone to care about the old. Only in this way can we make our society more beautiful.


  The Mid-autumn Day is coming soon, for the young people, it is the time for them to come back home and together with the families. In China, most young people are far away from home when they have work, they fight for their future, at the same time, they have less time to visit their parents. We should go home often and spend more time to talk to our parents.

  Recently, as the Mid-autumn Day comes, some people have done the research, for the purpose of figuring out the situation of the young people’s time with their parents. It is said that most young people leave their parents and move out when they graduate from college, since then, they have less time to visit their parents. Most of them come home less than once a month, it has been calculated that the rest of the young people’s time with their parents is about a month! If the young people know the limited time, they will grasp the time and come home often.


  A Chinese new law stipulates that adults mustregularly visit and take care of their parents. If theydon’t do so,they break the law.The new law,however, has given rise to a public debate onwhether it is feasible.Many people doubt whetherthe law is enforceable, because it does not clarify how often people have to visit theirparents.In addition, working people who live far away from their parents will find it difficult totake leave to go home regularly.Some scholars have praised the law,though, because it is aimedat arousing people’s awareness of loving the elderly and reminding them to always keep theirobligations in mind.