Good morning/afternoon,professors!I am so lucky to be here for this interview.

  First,let me introduce myself briefly.My nameis JiangFeng,23.I come from Chu zhou,a small s city in Anhui province.My major is Clinical Medicine and will graduate from TDa Lian Medical University this July.

  During my undergraduating education,I workedseriously on my study.Through the five years’ study,I have mastered both the theoretical knowledge and basic clinical skills,which will contribute to my my futher study and future work.As for my English,I have passed CET-4 and CET-6.

  Then it comes to my hobbies and interests.Well,in my spare time,I like playing basketball,singing,travelling,and so on.All these activities enrich my life and broaden my horizon.As for my pensonality,I think I’m an optimistic person,open-minded,easygoing and friendly.Once I set a goal,I will try my best to overcome all the difficulties and make it finally.

  Last but not the least,I choose this major because I want to be an outstanding general sugeon and help patients get rid of their pain.If I am lucky enough to join your group,I will concentrate on my study and make great effort to develop my research ability and clinical skill.If possible,I will go on for doctorate degree. My favorite quote is To Cure Sometimes, To Relieve Often, To Comfort Always.

  OK,that is all,thank you for attention.