我的祖国英语演讲稿怎么写五篇 人民的安定幸福,来自于祖国的昌盛强大,如果祖国贫穷落后,或者遭到外来的侵略等等,老百姓也就会因为国家的衰败,而陷于水深火热的灾难之中。这里给大家分享一些关于我的祖国英语演讲稿怎么写,供大家参考。 以下是为大家整理的我的祖国英语演讲稿怎么写范文汇总三篇,欢迎品鉴!


Dear teachers and students:

Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is: Me and my motherland.

Motherland, you are the lamp that leads the way in the night, you are the gentle wind in the sun, you are the kindest and warmest call like "Mom", no matter where I go, I will never forget.

Motherland, my motherland, I know you in the four great inventions, I see you in the persistence of the Terracotta Army, I listen to you in the Pentium of the Yellow River, I admire you in the towering mountains of Mount Tai. In the memories of my grandparents, I imagined your sufferings and vicissitudes; in the stories of parents, I tasted your efforts and your rise; in the songs of brothers and sisters, I listened to your take-off , Your glory; in the days and nights of my life, I feel your harmony, your magic!

In the northern country, I lingered in the silver-clad plain wrap. In Jiangnan, I fell in love with Xiaoqiao Liushuiren; my father picked up the shell from Hainan, and I heard the surging waves; my mother brought back the small flower hat from Turpan, and I smelled the fruit Sweet. The teacher said that our motherland is rich in resources, every inch of land is filled with miracles, and there are more sleepy surprises, waiting for us to grow up and evoke one by one.

I want to sing to you, my motherland, in gentle minor tunes, in wild wild songs, in high-pitched marches, in gorgeous arias, in all of my most beautiful words, in the most beautiful melody, I want, I want to sing you ! I want to stand on the continent of the river, the Mekong of the water, the top of the mountain, and the shore of the sea. Sing for you with my tender but full of true feelings. Sing the sentence that I have in my heart: Motherland, I love you!


There is a beatiful country standing in the east of the world .She has red soil , big mountains,long rivers and hardworking people ,she is just like a diamond ,shinning all the time ,and she is my dearest country——China !

I love my motherland !Because I love the different races of my country !Each race has its own culture and customs.Some people are kindhearted,some people are ggenerous,some people are humourous...anyway ,I cant display evry race of my country ,but what I want to tell you is that the Chinese people are great.Because of them ,our motherland is developing day by day .Our country is becoming much stronger tham before .

My country has so many great places of interest ,which is known not only to every citizen ,but also to the world .When the foreigners talk about China ,they all extend their thums and sayEn...China is a famous and fantastic country !Yes,thats ture ! We have the Great Wall ,the worlds second longest river ,the oldest history and the most glorious culture .

As wa all know ,China is one of the largest countries in the world ,when it is snowing in the north ,the flowers have come out in the south ,when the people in the south are enjoying the sunshine on the beach ,the people in the north are skiing on the ice .How marvelous it is !So now I can speak to the world loudly My country is really great !My country is really beautiful !


Patriotism is loyalty to and love for the motherland.Chinese dynasties,and many other people have a strong concern for thinking,a state responsibility,dedication,in face of unyielding.To defend the motherland and caring and this valuable spirit,the Chinese nation has experienced the catastrophe instead.Patriotic content,the beautiful love the motherland,love the history,care for the destiny of the motherland.when fighting heroically in a crisis,died for the motherland,patriotism is the performance.

Development of the Chinese nation in the 5,000-year history,the Chinese nation has evolved a great national spirit centering on patriotism.Sacrificed themselves to save,depending on the final death if ignored,it is precisely because of the deep love for the motherland.The diligence and wisdom of the Chinese people to open up a vast territory,and created a brilliant culture.Our shoulders realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,should love their beloved motherland.actively safeguard the motherlands sovereignty,independence and territorial integrity,which must not be discarded inch of the motherlands territory,and can not be split invasion;to love the motherlands history and culture,improving the nations self-esteem and self-confidence.To create a more splendid culture and dedicated.

Today,China has entered a new historical period,Chinas accession to the WTO has become more closely linked with the countries of the world.opportunities and challenges,we will be faced with more and more new situations and new problems.Push forward the great cause of Chinas reform and opening up,accelerating the process of the socialist modernization drive,we need to continuously promote the fine tradition of patriotism.Only in this way can the Chinese nation to revitalize the strength to make a greater contribution to human civilization and progress.Junior rise,a country happy,small,strong,the country is strong.We must adapt to the current development of a correct understanding of the history and reality of the motherland.revitalization of the motherland and strengthen their sense of responsibility patriotic feelings,foster a sense of national pride and self-confidence;carry forward the great spirit of the Chinese nation,hold high the banner of patriotism to forge ahead,self-improvement,hard work,tenacious struggle,truly patriotic spirit into the country tour.Study hard for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation today,tomorrow and for the creation of the motherland and contribute their efforts brilliant future!