文案本意是指放书的桌子,后来指在桌子上写字的人。现在指的是公司或企业中从事文字工作的职位,就是以文字来表现已经制定的创意策略。文案是一个与广告创意先后相继呈现的表现过程、发展过程与深化过程, 多存在于广告公司,企业宣传与新闻策划工作等。以下是小编整理的春节祝福语朋友圈的文案25条,仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。




2、Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.恭贺新禧,祝身体健康、事业发达。

3、People are still, things are still, is another year; think or forget, it is ordinary; today is good, better, sincerely wish a happy New Year!





8、Day to keep you warm,to give you a warm,I"ll give you a blessing. I wish you luck dense like rain!Troubles fly like clouds,like,like dinosaurs extinct sorrow,happiness as sweet honey. Happy New Year!天给你温暖,地给你温馨,我给你祝福。祝你运气像雨点一样密集!烦恼像流云一样飞去,忧愁像恐龙一样灭绝,幸福像蜂蜜一样甜美。新年快乐!

9、Thank you for all you have done for us.感谢您为我们所做的一切。

10、Taking the New Year"s bell sounded,gone with the wind to send my blessing,lingering in your side.新年的钟声悠然响起,飘送着我的祝福,萦绕在您的身边。

11、Give you a bowl of honey, add some sugar, finally add salt, separate is salty, meet is sweet, finally know that everything is happy!

12、In a twinkling of an eye, has gone to the end of the cold winter, in such a bitter day, you miss deeper and deeper. I wish you peace and happiness.

13、Thoughts of you like curling smoke endless, blessings to you like babbling water with a lifetime, I wish you a happy New Year!

14、haven"t seen you for a long time. I miss you very much. In this warm day, we often remember the coexistence years. I wish you a happy new year and your wishes come true.


16、Looking back several times, silent blessings from the bottom of my heart, my dear friends, I wish you a happy New Year, all the best! 几度回首,一阵阵无声的祝福自心底发出,亲爱的朋友,祝你新年快乐,事事如意!


18、In the New Year, I raise my cup, let the crystal-clear thoughts, quietly accompanied by the bell to float to you, deeply wishing you a happy Spring Festival!



21、It seems that Christmas time is here once again,and it is time again to bring in the New Year. We wish the merriest of hristmas to you and your loved ones,and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.又该迎接新的一年了。我们向你及你的亲人们致以最美好的祝福,愿你在新的一年里事业兴旺,幸福美满!

22、Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year! May the season bring much pleasure to you.

23、Well be here after the New Year.

24、Throw away the confusion in your heart, wipe away the sadness in your eyes, and wish you a happy New Year! New year"s new road, go, flowers are in front of you!

25、This is a moment of joyful sharing,a time for missing friends,and a time for dreams to come true。 I wish my friends a happy new year and a happy holiday.这是快乐分享的时刻,是思念好友的时刻,是美梦成真的时刻。祝吾友除夕快乐,佳节如意!