Dear Sir:

  With reference to our order No。 W98, the 120 puter sets supplies to the above order were delivered the day before yesterday, but we regret that 20 sets were badly damaged。

  The packages containing the puter sets appeared to be in good condition and we accepted and signed for them without question。 We unpacked the puter sets with care and can only assume that damage must be due to careless handling at some stage prior to packing。

  We shall be glad if you will replace all 20 sets as soon as possible。 Meanwhile, we have put the damaged puter sets aside in case you need them to support a claim on your suppliers for pensation。

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming



  Suppose that you ordered a refrigerator but later found a worrying problem。 Write a letter of plaint to describe the matter and require settlement, Do not sign your own name at the end of your letter, using “Li Ming” instead。

  Dear Sir,

  I am happy that the refrigerator we ordered last week has arrived on time。 But it is a great pity that we find there is something wrong with the refrigeration facilities。

  After we used it for several days。 we found that food stored in the refrigerating partment turned bad quickly。 When we finally decided to take the temperature in it, we were surprised to find it was around 15℃, far from the standard temperture range from 0℃ to 9℃。

  This problem has affected our normal life。 Would you please let me know whether or not you can send a repairman as soon as possible? I hope that my problem will get your kind consideration。

  Yours faithfully,

  Li Ming


  A letter of a complaint.

  Dear Manager,

  Two weeks ago, I was walking along the street when I saw your a traffic advisement and I stepped into your shop.Don't find the domestic advice.Persuaded by your salesman's sweet words,I spent 2000Yuan and bought a fridge.When I took the new fridge home.I couldn't wait a minute and make it work once.Everything went on quitely well until yesterday. I open the door of fridge as usual, however, a wave of hot smell air is pronounced.The newly- bought fridge didn't produce cold but hot air.The foodcooler has gone bad.Nothing can be worse NET.I hope you can do with the matter ASAP. My telephone number is 5256745. I am waiting for your reply.

  A consumer.