My name is .i would like to apply for this job of english teacher for children.

  My plan for the furture is that i would like to stay with children and share the moments in their lives and provide them with helpful advice. making friends with them and letting them feel you are the one they can talk and trust.Plus i like english very much.with this idea,i want to combine my love for children with my ability of english together,so i can work in a pleasant environment doing the great things i enjoy doing.

  I consider myself with rich potential of qualitying out as a good english teacher.I have a heart for children,a loving and caring heart.And i would certainly place it upon my students,being their close friend and sister.while with my creative and relaxing english teaching method,students would learn english through interacting with me or the others instead of being told what to say.

  I am also very open-minded and easy-going,which will make myself a popular figure everywhere.and of course i am very much the type of the girl next door.always willing to take in suggestions and create a fun classroom for our next generation.

  I believe i've said quite enough of myself. I hope you now know more about me than just now. I would certainly cherish this job and get along very well with all people out here.I thank you very much again for giving me this opportunity to talk with you.

  I look forward to hearing good news from you soon.

  Thank you !


  I am actually a native of this city and entered xxx university after I passed the higher educational entrance test. That is why I love this piece of land and want to make contribution for my hometown.

  I have been working hard as a student and a part-time teacher. Sometimes friends ask me whether I'm a tireless person. Of course I am not. But I just like that sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. I enjoy the alternative roles: being an English teacher and a student at the same time.

  In my class, I encourage students to voice their opinions and to approach English study in their unique ways, because I believe study is a personalized process. Last week when I gave them the first class of this semester, I said,"everyone should become a critical thinker in my class, and I want to be a good teacher in its real sense". I'm not the traditional teacher. I try to reform the English teaching in my classes. Hope I can do something to change the present situation of English teaching.


  I graduated from Teachers College xx kindergarten teaching, 21 years old, loving and responsible, for the different stages of child care, individualized to target children.

  I have worked in China West Normal University, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province subsidiary kindergarten, kindergarten and Chengdu in Sichuan Province Mingshan salt Thistle Melody International Foreign Language School Kindergarten kindergarten three were one to two months of internship, and later in Salt Thistle Foreign Language Primary School for a month, the kindergarten teaching internship during the patient can be completed together with the children to learn and play, and active concern and assistance in their daily lives.

  not only taught children to learn textbook knowledge, but also focus on developing their learning interested in organizing activities to foster team work ability and the capacity so that each student can fully demonstrate their own to play their own advantages.

  I am at work motivated, hard-working, in practice a lot of growth has enriched my professional and learned more and more practical knowledge, and also received teacher-led praise.

  Course work in the future, I would like to continue to learn and improve themselves. Please give me a chance to lead, I will move to prove my ability!